How To Choosing Lodging

Whether you are taking a trip out of state or simply a weekend getaway, having a hospitable place to stay is important. Whether you are taking a trip with your family or by yourself, there are some common factors you should look for when you choose lodging. These five suggestions will help you have a better idea of what to seek when on the road to your next adventure.

Location Is Everything

When you plan where you are staying, it usually involves being as close to certain attractions as possible. Or perhaps you just want a quiet weekend away from the noise of daily life. Either way, take a look at the location of your hotel. Determine how far away it is from places you would like to visit, and see if it offers other features that would be of interest to you. Lakes, tennis courts, or even a hiking trail might make or break your hotel stay.

How Much Parking Is Available?

Some hotels and motels simply let you park your car whenever and not charge a fee. Others might offer parking, but impose a fee on top of that. You might be looking for additional services, such as valet parking. You also might want to be aware of how secure the parking lot is, and what type of area you are in. This can help you determine if it is safe to leave luggage and other items in your car for a while, or if they are safer in your room.

Complimentary Breakfast Can Be a Bonus

Part of the joy of getting away on vacation is having someone else do the cooking. Your lodging might offer complimentary breakfast in the form of pastries and toast, along with assorted juices and fruit. Other places might even offer hot food, such as bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Make sure you double check before you leave, since saving money on food can give you more to enjoy on your outing.

Onsite Facilities Are Important

Some families and individuals simply won’t go to a hotel if there is no pool. Others might need a coffee maker in their room. Having a microwave and refrigerator in your room can be a major benefit as well, giving you the chance to cook your own meals and store food. If you plan on eating in-room or enjoy snacking, this is important to have.

Choosing a Local Hotel Over a Large Chain

Some people would rather stay in a chain hotel simply because it is a brand they know and trust, and thus feel more comfortable with. However, choosing to stay in local lodging can be even more enjoyable. You will often meet locals who know a lot about the area, and can give you information on the best places to eat, shop and visit for fun.

No matter where you end up staying, be sure to do your homework. Pick a place that will offer all the features and amenities you and your family are looking for on vacation. You will have a more memorable trip and be able to rest in comfort.

All About Hotel Amenities

As a hotel owner, customer satisfaction should always be your first priority. To ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible you should provide them with all the necessary amenities. Some of the amenities that they need include:

High-speed internet

Currently, almost everyone is connected to the internet; therefore, providing free Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury-it’s a necessity. Hotels are frequented by business travelers who constantly want to check their work emails and communicate with business partners, friends, and family. Many hotels are providing the service; therefore, when you don’t provide it you will be losing clients as most of them will be more than ready to move to a hotel where they can get free internet.

Mattress and pillow options

When guests check into a hotel, they want to be as comfortable as possible. One of the ways of keeping the guests comfortable is providing them with a good sleep. Different guests have different needs. When it comes to pillows, some want soft while others want hard ones. For the guests to be comfortable you should provide them with the option to choose the type of pillows that they want. The same thing applies to mattresses. You should provide the guests with the option to choose the type of mattress that they want. Guests with a medical condition should be provided with unique mattresses.


Local guests tend to travel with their cars while international guests rent the cars to travel around with. If the guests are going to be around for a few days it can cost them a lot of money to pay for parking. To give them a reason to book your hotel you should provide them with free parking.

High-quality toiletries

The condition of your bathroom can make or break your hotel. Luxury hotels are known to pay a lot of attention to the bathroom as they know this secret. Even if your hotel isn’t too big, you should strive to give the guests a great experience. If you can’t afford to purchase the high-end toiletries, ensure that the ones that you go for are of high quality. You only need to identify a supplier who will supply you with high-quality products at a small cost.

Fitness center

Most business people are conscious of their heath and physique and want to keep fit while traveling. Due to this, you should provide them with a fitness center in your hotel. The cool thing is that it doesn’t have to be too big. All you need to do is ensure that the fitness center has the necessary exercising machines.

Tips To Booking Condominium

Most family vacations are the joyous and harmonious occasions they should be. Vacationing with family, however, is no easy task. You must make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the logistics of travelling and even when participating in recreational activities. The larger the family, the more people you have to please and contend with. It is no wonder that often times family vacations turn into sibling duels and stressful nightmares for the parents. What can you do to keep the peace? Here is a guide on how to keep peace with your kids when you are staying at a luxury condominium.

1. Get more lodging space.

One of the primary reasons siblings get into fights is because they have to deal with each other constantly in cramped spaces. During travel, dining, and lodging, siblings are constantly forced to cooperate and be around one another. For anyone, let alone younger children, this poses challenges and can lead to a less than peaceful situation. Make sure your lodging has enough space so everyone can have some private and personal space.

2. Choose a luxury condominium

Luxury condominiums offer many amenities that will make lodging feel like a home away from home. This can lead to a less stressful adapting period, especially for younger kids who are excited about their vacation adventures but want to feel at home as well. Luxury condominiums make it easy to relax and unwind after spending time in a vehicle or at the airport.

3. Make sure fun activities are close by

Once you arrive at your destination, it is important to break the seal right away by doing something fun or exploring. If you are bringing a large family, make sure they have some fun activities they can participate in right away that are close by. Select comfortable lodging close to activities or events so the festivities can begin immediately and wipe away any struggles from traveling.

4. Stay close to the food

Everyone can become agitated if they are hungry. Make sure to keep your family fed and satisfied so no petty arguments or fights break out. The best places to stay are close to restaurants, cafes, bistros, pubs, and bars. When there is something for everyone to enjoy, everyone is happy.

5. Split up into groups

It is sometimes important to split your family into groups. With larger families, not everyone will agree on the same recreational activities. Splitting up can avoid siblings arguing because they feel as though they are always compromising. Let Dad take the boys hiking on the trails while the ladies stay in and watch a movie or spend a day relaxing at a spa. It is important for everyone to participate in the activities that bring them relaxation and restfulness.

Guide To Making Conference

Planning a conference can be a daunting experience. You have to ensure that all delegates have adequate accommodation, that you have make all necessary travel arrangements and that you remember that will need meals and drinks throughout the event. For some people planning a conference is scary, there are so many amazing venues to choose from and you want to ensure you make the right choice to impress the delegates and help them come back for future conferences.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to planning any conference is to plan in well in advance. You need to ensure you have everything organised, booked and paid for and you also need to ensure you give delegates enough time to plan time to come to the event. In order to have a good attendance, you need to provide potential delegates with the relevant information a couple of months before the conference date, so they can diarise it, confirm and book their spot.

The next factor to consider when planning a conference is location. You can choose a hotel in the heart of the city, or you can choose a bustling business district, such as Canary Wharf, where delegates can still enjoy great restaurant, bars and shopping when they have some time off during the event.

Look at the facilities the hotel has to offer. Do they provide conference or meeting facilities? What about a restaurant? Do they provide on-site catering so you know the delegates will get the meals they deserve? These are important factors, because if you can get everything under one roof, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration. The hotel will have an experienced waiting team who can work with the kitchen team to ensure the food is ready and presented on time and with complete ease. Some hotels will provide a package price depending on the type of services you are looking for, which can help you provide your delegates with a five star experience at a price you can afford.

The next step is to focus on the accommodation provided and how many rooms are available. Deeding on the number of delegates you are expecting, this could be a major deciding factor on which five star hotel to use for your next conference. Ensure the hotel can provide good quality accommodation that your delegates can get a good nights rest with all the luxury and comfort they need to help them wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy the conference.

Focus on adding some activities to the mix. You cannot expect your delegates to be stuck in the hotel day and night, enjoying the conference and then dining. You will want to arrange some form of entertainment, whether you have music while they are eating or you arrange a few sightseeing experiences during their stay so they can explore the city and all it has to offer.

Remember in addition to venue, accommodation and catering for a conference, you also need to focus extensively on the speakers you will invite. Make a list of relevant and interesting speakers that you know will add value to your delegates experience. Ensure you remember to include accommodation with the hotel for your speakers, so they are also comfortable and can also enjoy the experience.

The final tip to planning a conference is to set a budget and stick to it. You should start with a budget that you know you need to work to and then ensure the hotel also has an idea on the amount you can spend, to ensure you don’t exceed your budget moving forward.